yeah....i'm pretty sure

that i did this not so very long ago...

sweet crap i got some clothes! and not a single on of these fit!!! 27 pairs of jeans, 18 pairs workout pant, 14 pairs slacks (mostly khakis)...and i don't know how many shirts--don't think i can count that high!

i got a wild hair today. tired of hoarding. seriously. none of it fits.

just thought i'd share. hope everyone is having a great thursday!

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JAS said...

Next time you purge the closet, save the clothes and come to our next ladies swap. I've gone to a few of them with my best buddies and have met many other gals who have the same style. You will leave with a whole new outfit. see this post for info.http://thefreemanfamilyadventure.blogspot.com/2010/03/womens-swap.html