1:53:11....and TROY AIKMAN

i think i've typed his name at least a hundred times since yesterday morning. and in all caps. but who can blame me? he's a big dude! you know, you see him on tv and you're like oh yeah, that's TROY AIKMAN and he's a hottie. then you see him in person and you're like, "Holy Crap! That's TROY AIKMAN and he's a real person who is ginormous and even cuter than i thought!!!"

and then you get to run the first 6 miles of a half marathon with him:
so, yeah, my middle 4 miles are slower. he got ahead of me after the 6 mile marker. i couldn't catch back up to him. i wanted to beat him soooooo bad! still though, he only came in 3 1/2 minutes ahead of me. i'm pleased with this race, considering i've been hacking my lungs up for the past 4 weeks. troy came in 190th, i came in 247th out of 1107 overall. 11th out of 90 in my age group for women, and 67th out of 564 women altogether.
ange, me and marty. ange did the 5k and got a mention on the radio as 'purple nike girl' from kid kraddick who was broadcasting live. she set a PR! go ange!!!
marty ran the half with me the whole way and took pics and got me water. he's a running machine, so he totally sacrificed this race as a training run to stay back with me.....me and troy :) lol!
and i didn't even tell you what happened at packet pick-up on friday! another post for another day...

have a great monday peeps. almost pick up time but today was very uneventful. kinda blah. tried to enjoy the sun, but the silly clouds are in the way of the sun tanning me. so...i've been getting grocs, putting them away, and grilling crap to eat.
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2 paper addicts say...:

Denise said...

I am so impressed with you. Way to go! :o)

Amy Coose said...

OK, seriously??? How cool is that! Did you talk to him. WTG on your 1/2. That's an awesome time!!