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since i can't post any pics of the scrappy things i haven't been making this past week, i'm going to post my basic shopping lists:

green is my food items (cuz i'm lean, mean and clean...not sure how that equates to being green, cuz i'm far from it) orange is crap i buy for da boys, blue is for both:

Crap i buy every week:

sweet potatoes ($.25 lb)
Grape tomatoes ($2)
2 pears ($1)
Green bell peppers ($2)
Onion ($1)
5 or 6 Gala Apples ($3)
Orowheat bread ($2.50)
Grapes ($3)
Strawberries ($3)
Squash ($2)
2 cans Amy's Organic Soup ($4.14)
2 bags 50/50 lettuce ($6)
3-4 Star Kist Tuna Creations Hickory Smoked Packs ($1.48 each)
Ground Turkey ($4.28/lb.)
Emerald Almonds (single serving packs $2.98)
Skim Milk (1/2 gallon $2)

Juice ($3.98)
Fruit Snacks ($2.98)
Capri Sun ($1.97)
Box Cereal ($2.50)
2 packsYogurt Drinks (Bio-Salud--little mini deals. boys love them) ($.88 each)
2 loaves White Bread ($2 each)
Whole Milk or 2%

Lunch Meat ($4 average)
Chips of some sort ($3.50)
Microwave Popcorn ($4)
Granola Bars ($2.50)
2 Dozen eggs ($3)
Canned Beans, try to get those with no color enhancers and just sea salt--i guess that's organic (average about $1.50 per can)
2 cans No-Salt-added Diced Tomatoes ($2)
2 cans No-Salt-Added Tomato Sauce ($1-- i get the small cans)

----------------> 88.53 total for the week. my items are slightly more expensive and it's just one of me eating. of course i have non-food items, but for the week at the most it adds on an extra $25 or so dollars. like diapers (which are usually a two-week purchase).

Things I buy every two weeks or less:

Frozen Chicken Breast in bag ($7)
Pork Tenderloin ($8)
Ground Beef ($13 -- 80/20 jumbo pack)
Thin cut Steaks ($7 ave)like flank or sirloin for stir-frying)
Frozen Perch or Salmon Filets ($5--individually frozen)
Shrimp in Bag ($4 Frozen)
Brown Rice in bag ($2)
Quaker Old Fashioned Oatmeal ($2.50)
Raisins ($2)
Cinnamon ($2)
Wheat Germ ($4)
Naturally More Natural Peanut Butter ($3)
Low-Fat Yogurt ($3 like Oikos or Stonyfield Farms)
Fresh Parsley
Fresh Cilantro
Whole Wheat Rotini or Spaghetti ($2)
Clove Garlic ($1)
Haagen Dazs Five Vanilla Ice Cream ($3)
Nestle Toll-House Semi-Sweet Morsels ($2.50)

SHHH on the last two. a girl's gotta have something good!!!

This might be a good way to get started. Categorize things you will eat and things the rest of the family will eat. See what dishes they'll like that you can eat. Leave the things they don't like just for you. Example: i make 4 pieces of baked chicken & parsley that they don't like. I'll eat it over the course of 3 days.

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