my official time for the Dallas White Rock Half Marathon!!! YAHOOOO!!! i cannot believe it! i'm looking at the official results right now and i'm in complete shock. maybe i'm misreading them.

i came in 91st in the half in my age group for women, 450th overall for the women's half marathon (out of 4,801 women) and 1553rd overall for the half (out of 8,355 men and women half marathoners)!!! is that right? i HAVE GOT TO BE MISREADING THAT!!! here's the link...i am in shock! tell me if i am WRONG!!?!?!

my girls were there in dallas to cheer me on. they completely rock. i had my peeps texting me all along the way and it made me feel phenomenal. but i must say, the last two miles SUCKED! we were on Katy Trail and i couldn't judge anything, my feel for mileage was completely lost...it was the longest two miles EVAH!!! i couldn't get my fat, cold hands in my pouch to get out my jolly rancher and those dopes handing out the oranges really sucked at it. i never get that last little bit of sugar. but i did it...and now my old lady hips are screaming at me!

here are a few pics from my weekend:

check the 'bar' in the room. strange.
we decided Wolfgang Puck sucks. he practically took over Reunion Tower and you can't even go up there and just look around and observe. suckage. ange should have been flipping him off in this pic:

aim, ange and me waiting for din-din. aimee is covering up mort with the water bottle lid. dork.
next year girls, we are all doing it together...and no free chocolate chip cookies for dessert either!gearing up in the purple, baby! how convenient that the 1/2 marathon bibs were purple this year! i think i'm the only tool-box who wrote on her body. whatever. those other people are no fun! if my Korean is any good, this says, "I run kind of fast." or something like that: and this says (again, if i'm correct), "hot like fire" ick. they misspelled my name completely! random favorite number for today:
and b/c...be cuz silly! why do i ever do anything? i'm so dumb...i took this picture of aim and yelled out in a crowd of people, "you look like the unabomber!" duh!!!

i don't have any finish pics. just too many people. i'll have to look at the professional running photos they take at the finish and afterwards.

ugh...needing a nap!!!

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11 paper addicts say...:

Karen said...

congrats...that is totally awesome!

Mye said...

So proud of you!!! Way to go!! Oh, just thought I'd let you know...your body is slammin'!!! You look wonderful!

aimee said...

hot like fire is right chica!!! you did awesome!!! next yr for sure!
fyi - mort is doing fine :)
but what does your tummy say??? hmmm??? ;)
i'll post my pics tom
luv ya

word verification another long one but one i get ofteh...leaftoca???

Anilu Magloire said...

I'm SOOOOOOOOO proud of you!!!! I would LOVE to do it with you next year. I'm sure I can get in shape by then.
GO K-LIZ!!!!!!!!

Ki said...

The pics totally crack me up! So happy for you! Huge accomplishment - WTG!!!

dawn said...

You totally ROCK! Congrats my friend! I am soooooo proud of YOU!!!

SpAzzGiRL said...

And man woman, you are damn skinny!

Marianne said...

Congrats, what an accomplishment!!! Way to go, you look amazing!!

Lulu said...

Yeah.... you totally ROCK! I'm so so so inspired!.. I have super bad knees though, so I'm not sure I could do that....?

Anyways, totally inspiring :)

Ally said...

omgosh! Congratulations! That is such an incredible accomplishment. I was simply proud of my 40 minutes on the treadmill yesterday - walking fast (and some jogging). But man, a half marathon? I can't even go TWO miles!

Angela W said...

Awesome! I love all of your pics and your enthusiasm!