my face hurts...

well, it's killing me! ha ha...my grandmother or uncle ray used to say that. one of them. probably both. they were both silly. maybe that's where i get my goofiness from. who knows.

anywho, i say my face hurts b/c i fell asleep a bit ago on owen's head. we are wathcing endless summer on pbs or on one of the three channels we get. his head is like a rock. i don't know how his head doesn't hurt b/c my nose is killing me. he's all sweaty and i hate to wake him. (mostly b/c he'll be the biggest crab ever.)

anywho, work tomorrow. short day, but it's kind of right smack in the middle, so no gym. i ran tonight at the track. i was dead tired when i came home from work that i didn't even get out of the truck--i dozed right in there. mike was wondering where the heck i was. eh, just sleepin' in the car, babe. you know me :) soooo...i didn't make dinner. nobody was hungry. so i ran up to the track and did a few laps around. there was some dude who was trying to catch me, but i didn't let him. he finally jetted past me on his last lap and stopped for a drink. i ran by and waved. sucka!

that was fun though. his family was there and they were probably like, "um, did you know that person?" he probably wishes he did :)

monday is almost here. my saturday. i'd say i'm going to scrapbook, but i think i'll just stop saying that until i actually do. i'm just not in the mood. i think not having the desktop computer working has a ton to do with that. i have no inspo. i mean, i can look on the laptop, but its location is not conducive to scrapping.

oops, endless summer is over. that's not supposed to happen.

ok. i'm rambling. i have no pics to share. i can't even remember the last time i took a picture other than mich's 1st day. but that's definitely a keeper. owen is stirring and he is so sweaty on my arms that he is starting to slip.

later peeps!

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2 paper addicts say...:

vtpuggirl said...

I know how you feel about no inspiration, maybe it's the time of year. LOL that you feel asleep in your car, thinking you should do that in the house on your day off. :)

Rita said...

Hope your inspiration returns soon!