a good day...

haven't blogged in a while. and now i don't have a monitor either. i'm over at aimee's. wanted to check my email b/c it's been a few days. had a few etsy convos to catch up on, so it's nice to have an emergency back-up computer when you need it.

mich started 2nd grade today. i think he had a good day. not sure. getting any info out of mich is like trying to get the dern flies out of my kitchen. and what's up with that anyway? i bought fly paper. it doesn't work. it might as well be the local fly newspaper b/c all they do is look at it. no landing and/or sticking.

and i'm certain that mike was wondering what the heck kind of concoction i made and put on that baking sheet (syrup and brown sugar) to catch them. btw, the only thing that did was make my house smell like cracker barrell (mixed with a few poo diapers).

anyway, maybe tomorrow i'll get some scrapping done. i say that, but we'll see. it's tuesday and mike will be home, so maybe. i hope to cuz i need to...gotta sniff me some paper.

tomorrow is school drop off, then gym, then an errand here and there then back home. c u later! hope you had a marvelous monday!

check back for a RAK...i'm almost at 30,000 hits peeps!

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5 paper addicts say...:

jenjen said...

What a cute little guy. I hope he had a wonderful first day back!


Denise said...

You need yourself one of those good ole old fashioned fly swatters. Give them to the boys and pay them a nickel for every fly they smoosh. I pay the neighbor boys to squish slugs in my garden. It works. Money motivates. They also have these fly vacuums now. For the Peta people. I have no problem squishing bugs. Well, it's gross, but I don't feel bad. Dang...could I ramble more about bugs? Oh and do not ask me about the time I caught myself in fly tape. That is just gross. :o)

Cute photos of Mich. A man of few words. :o)

Zorina said...

Lots of good wishes and cheers to your little boy this school year!

Ki said...

Too funny about the bugs! I need a fly swatter for the scads of moths that keep getting in the house every time you open the door - ick!
Congrats to Mich on his 1st day of Grade 2 !! He's so adorable!

*reyanna klein* said...

He looks adorable!!! Love these photos. :)

Yeah, you should scrap. I really miss your work! I should scrap too. I haven't scrapped in several days because I've been so busy! Ack. I am dabbling in digi scrapping though. Unfortunately that doesn't use any of my paper supplies! LOL.

Hope you get your internet back soon! :)