sketchy summer (kind of a lot of pics--sorry)

here's a few layouts i did today. the first one is for pink sketches #34. i just happened upon their challenge blog and i like it. i think i need to do sketches b/c i have scrapped myself into this little box of kraft and white. now i've scrapped myself into Christmas using red and green. oh well. at least they're colorful! (and i used my new sassfras winnings...yum!)

this one i just did for the heck of it and i'm happy with it b/c i actually used more than one picture.
owen took this pic the other morning while we bfarted at ihop (that's breakfast).
so, it's official. michael is done with 1st grade. he won the spelling award (he damn well better have with the seriously huge spelling words we'd pick out each week...i'm talking chemoautotroph, oscillating, cowardliness, auspicious, and so on. and, what's even cooler, he remembers what all the words mean!) he loved to look through the mail, newspaper, or books to pick out the hardest words he could find. all but one test did he score 100% on. maybe he'll win the national spelling bee someday with a word like Laodicean. anywho, he got all E's on his report card again for the last 6 weeks.how owen eats a donut. we try to get the ones with the holes rather than the ones with the filling.
and can i just say thank heavens we don't have a dunkin' donuts here. i wouldn't be able to fit through the front door.

so, what to do...what to do...all summer long. ugh. should be interesting. any suggestions?

there was something else i wanted to post and i can't remember it now.

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10 paper addicts say...:

vtpuggirl said...

Happy Friday Karen! Love your layouts here, I totally here you about needing color, I'm there. Your blog just makes me happy, must be the colors or the design. It makes me smile.

bluestardesign said...

your colorful, bright pages just make me happy :) and i think the donut-eating technique is completely genius!

Close To Home said...

wowzas! love the pages!
congrats to your son on winning the spelling award!!!!

Cynthia B. said...

Wow! That's so impressive about the spelling. Did you happen to show him the natl. spelling bee on TV, because he has a few years to practice. ;)
Awesome pages too - love all the bright colors! Way to work that sassafras.

aimee said...

wooohooo michael!
and i saw his report card...all "E"'s
ummm...kimber didn't ONE the whole year! tisk tisk
you complain your face was gray...why is mine red?

jenjen said...

Cute, cute, cute - you are way too talented! And congratulations to your son on the spelling award - woo hoo!


:: gingerkitty :: said...

cool IHOP picture

living creating & appreciatingmy blog
I design for Color Me Daisy

Jennifer Y said...

Hi Karen!! I'm so happy you stopped by my blog and found Pink Sketches! You will love them! I never used sketches and now I can't get enough of them! Where in Texas are you? Weatherford area? I am north of D/FW airport in Flower Mound...so awesome to meet you and would love to chat more! How do you know Megan?
Your work is beautiful, have a great weekend!

Mye said...

Oh, iHop sounds so good right now! Thanks for the sketch site, I can never get enough sketches.

The photo of Owen eating his donuts is so adorable!

casey boyd said...

Love those bright fun layouts!!