back to normal and sassafras rocks!

ok, when Sassfras says they give stuff away for posting their blinkie on your blog (randomly chosen winner each week)...they aren't kidding!!! look at all these yummies!!! brand new stuff here. mike thought i was having serious issues when i opened up the box and started going through all the stuff in there ;)

silly boys. they just don't get it.

so, things are getting back to normal. the boys are sitting on the floor in front of the xbox eating popcorn. mike is, doing something, and i'm blogging about it. i wasn't crafty at all this weekend and was barely even home. worked friday night. saw the boys off saturday morning. worked sat afternoon, met aimee after work at otb (that's not off-track betting for you guys back east. it's on the border --a restaurant). then we hung at at wally world and bought laundry baskets and milk duds. then we went to her house and sorted through a ton of scrap supplies from someone who shall remain nameless (sorry i called you out earlier, i had no idea. far too generous to go unnoticed, my dear).

worked sunday, went and saw terminator last night with aimee. and i have a new boyfriend. what a cutie. sorry mike :P actually...he kind of looks like you. especially since you haven't shaved in 3 days.

who'da thunk? i mean, i went to see christian bale. huh.

anywho, that's about all. if you haven't checked out the new BASB challenge yet, be sure to. also SYC is going to have a new one coming up here by week's end. i need to get to work on that. seriously. i've been a slacker on all of these challenges. i think i'm going to start a new challenge blog that is just make something, anything, once every two weeks and post it. that is challenge enough.

have a spontaneous sunday...that's the only s adjective i can think of right now.

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8 paper addicts say...:

meganklauer said...

Holy moly! I am totally jealous about the sassafras goodies! :0)
Can't wait to see what you create!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Wow that was a lot of yummy goodness

aimee said...

it is monday karen

dawn said...

Wow! I have not visited you in a while! Lots of good stuff going on here. Your ew to new scrap space looks great! Saw my little gift hanging there. :-)
I really need to see terminator. CB is definately a hottie! I went to see Star Trek last wekend. No hotties there, but cool all the same.
Okay so I have never been a big fan of Sass, so I thought. But, I definately have alot of it in my stash and on my LO's for someone who thought she wasn't a fan.In fact, the more I see it, the more I like it. It is growing on me. You sertainly got a ton of goodies. That is so AWESOME! Looking forward to some of your great works! Hope you had a great weekend. Happy Memorial Day!!! :-)

vtpuggirl said...

LOL, I'd join your challenge blog! Best idea yet!

chelemom said...

Love the goodies!!! Lucky girl!!! Sounds like a fun and very busy weekend!

Ki said...

Whoa that's a great boat load of stuff isn't it? You're right though, silly boys, they definitely just don't get it! LOL

ellen s. said...

um. yum. and that is for both the sass goodies and that hunka hunk of burnin' love!