lots...so i'll use bullets...

  • Disclaimer: these won't be short like bullet points are supposed to be, but at least you'll be able to sort through.
  • NSD: first, we'll start with the layouts...i'm playing along over at SC with their NSD challenges. I posted two layouts already a few days back and here are two more. not my best, but my neck is really sore and i did these two in record time. i even smudged my ink on the first one...and the second one, well, i did that one second and it was late and i'm on pain meds.
  • Mini Album: this little album i saw in the new SBE that i picked up a few days back and had to try. they made it look super easy and really, it was. this is the first of hopefully at least two that i will make b/c they are pretty easy. not at all perfect, but still unique and very cute. i don't know what i'll do with it, but look at it.
  • BASB: there's a new challenge (and a new blog look) over at BASB. Anne is hosting this one and it is fab!
  • SYC: there's a new challenge over there as well...one that i didn't do this go 'round. maybe i'll get to work on it today.
  • Passing out: i woke up at 5am this morning and i don't know what the deal was. my throat and neck was really, really hurting so i went to get some more pain meds. instead of 2 every 6 hours, i've been taking 1 every 3 hours. the 2 really only last me 4 hours, hence me waking up 4 hours after i went to sleep on the 2 that i took. so...i took one sip of my little cocktail (crushed pill in water--why they give you horse pills after a tonsillectomy is BEYOND ME) and got really dizzy. i'm not talking light-headed. i heard a freight train in my ears, ringing, buzzing, nausea...i sat down on the pot and banged on the wall for mike. he had no clue what the heck was going on. he came in and grabbed my arm to keep me from falling of the toilet. i could feel the sweat pouring off of me. i felt like that freight train had hit me and that i was now on fire. or maybe it was a passenger train. i dunno. i just know that it was the worst experience and most scared i've been in a very long time.

mailman just dropped something at my door. ooh! i'll post in a minute about what he brought me!

  • Passing out, Part II: so, back to the passing out. i actually didn't pass out, but came very close. mike got me out to the bedroom and sat me on the floor. i remember grabbing on the quilt and then he told me to lay down. i must have been falling. i don't remember. i caught myself with my elbow and then i said that i couldn't lay down. then it all went away. except for the ringing. not sure what it was all about but it was SCARY! and God Bless mike...what a saint that boy is. i asked him why he never gets sick. he said he was sick as a kid all the time. i said that i was, too, with strep like every other month. i told him to not save up his sick for me and get really, really sick all at once. he's the rock when it comes to dealing with sick in this family. although he doesn't like to mess with vomit. i don't blame him. i'm rambling now. he got me some green jello and a bag of ice and i got back in bed and was fine. my throat still hurt like hell, but the train was gone.
  • Dawn: now...the lovely Dawn just mailed this to me for my bday! thank you, girl! it's sooo pretty. even cuter than in the pics on your blog! i wish i could use an edge distresser like she can. i have a really hard time keeping from cutting into the paper. maybe someday she can show me how in person.
  • Today: i hope to have two more layouts to post later on today. i really want some of those add-ons they're giving away for the challenges. some of them i'm not doing. since i don't have the time, i've eliminated the super-girly challenges or the challenges with add-on prizes i already have. i guess that's me being selfish, cuz i could win them and give them away again. but who's saying i'm going to win? i never win any of that stuff!

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6 paper addicts say...:

Sarah said...

Cute LOs! BTW -I can't see the smudges ;) I like how you used the ribbon on the usually happy LO! I have never gotten the hang of that folding! Have a great day and feel better!

aimee said...

THAT IS SCARY! glad your ok :)
i love your craftiness! i recognize the 'happy'.hehe
i'm actually about to start scrappin...i know...don't pass out now ;)

dawn said...

I LOVE your LO's!! I too have been playing along with the SC challenges and have had the best time! I would love to win some of those add ons too. I really do not need anything, but I want them. They are ao pretty. I am glad you got your gift today. I thought that paper so rocked and that you would think that it is cool too! Thinking of you and I really hope that you are feeling better soon! :-)

meganklauer said...

Hey, just stoppin by to say I love your stuff!

jenjen said...

Oh - it sounds so painful! I hope you are doing better. This is probably the worst it will be. My friend who had hers out as an adult said that once the scabs come off everything gets much better.

And look at you - still creating even when sick! I would be curled up in a ball.


:: gingerkitty :: said...

cute stuff