another day with the sickie...

that's me. i feel a little better today. enough to make me want to get out of the house. i have a few gift cards to spend and asked mike if he'd like to go to the city to help me spend them (like i need any help spending money). no, what i really need is a chauffer while i'm on the 4th to last pain pill that i have. i have a refill but walgreens won't fill it. losers. so i have to wait until tomorrow. should be a fun night with me as i endure the pain that is, or was, my tonsils.

anywho, a few things to share:

for Tina C's NSD Challenge over at SC:
for Nicole H's NSD Challenge
and a little something i made last night... ...while watching LOST and some other show that mike found on netflix (which is really quite funny) called the it crowd, with 'it' standing for IT rather than the word it. it's British i'm guessing (b/c of the way they talk). check it out here.

have a great day! i hope i find something to actually spend my money on today. usually when i have money just to blow, i can never find the right item. i do need a new pair of running shoes...

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6 paper addicts say...:

Elisa said...

Hope you're better now.
Love the button tree and the flowers too. I love to visit here, I am sure I always find something really creative.

{yes, the it crown is brit }

vtpuggirl said...

Best of luck shopping, I'm the same way. A gift card ensures I will find nothing I like in that store until it is spent. Love your projects, happy NSD (belatedly). Hope you feel better!

aimee said...

you know i want some of those buttons!

Beth Perry said...

Awesome projects, girl! And congrats on winning the home decor challenge. I love LOVED that canvas!!
So glad you found VP! Talk to you soon! :D
VP Designer

Greta said...

Seeing your tree canvas is the best thing about my day so far. I think I'll just sit and stare at it all day. :)

crafter said...

Love that tree!