pickin' and scrappin'

yesterday i spent the day at my friend Sheree's house. Aimee was there and all the kids gathered and enjoyed the day. (well, except for Michael who informed me that he didn't have any fun at all b/c i made him get off the tire swing just when it was time to leave. um, hello? you had all flippin' day to play on that thing!!!)

anyway, i rode sheree's bike. we sat on her kid-mobile and picked off some crazy sticker she's had on her windshield forever. we facebooked a little and i got to play her fabulous piano! it's a cabinet grand and it rocks!!! i wish it was mine. ooh, i just remembered that i left my books there. well, it's not like i need them here anyway. Owen watched some sesame street and got to hang out with the big kids. it was a nice day.

and here's a layout i did in record time last night (can you tell?)

ugh, back to cleaning bathrooms. i took a 'break' to let the bleach smell air out of Mich's bathroom. it was really giving me a headache.

have a great day!

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7 paper addicts say...:

Karen said...

Great layout! Love it! Wish I could be at home scrapping instead of at work.

heygillian said...

FAB page, Karen! The bright yellows and oranges complement your photo colors perfectly! And those bowling shoes? Are rockin'. cool. For reals. :)


Ayesha said...

how funny is that i was scrapping a picture today about bowling shoes they do say 2 great minds think alike

Amy Coose said...

Great LO!!

Rita said...

Great LO, and love the shoes :)

Susan Beth said...

You got a shoe theme going here, and I love it! And yesterday sounds like it was a fun day! Whooo Hooo for more days like that - and for slightly longer tire swings rides for your big guy!

vtpuggirl said...

Cool layout! I hate cleaning bathrooms, a thankless job that is.