not much...

to blog about, but no news is good news, right? well, i take that back...i do have a lot of pics to share, so i hope you'll stick around.

waiting for the canceled soccer game. check out the insides of our noses:
speaking of insides, Owen takes a peek to see what exactly is inside and M&M:
been busy hanging out with my goyls, too (that's how i say 'girls'--in case you were wondering)...Owen took this pic:i've been updating my etsy shoppe, so all the crafty stuff is in there.

let's see. Diana and Anilu have both sent me some goodies. Diana sent me the cutest little birdie tag:

and Anilu sent me some of the MS twine that i've been trying to get my hands on.

Two wonderfully sweet girls (goyls) and they're my friends...and that's nice. i really need to catch up on our daily email chatter though; i'm sorry that i haven't been around.

i updated my scrap room, with another pegboard and some fancy hanging jars. it's still a mess but at least now i have each item type separate and that makes it easier to use things--you know all those 'things' you forgot you had? kwim?

yeah, Mike is a saint...he lets me hang all this crap up in the office. happy wife, happy life i guess :) what a smart boy.

the challenges over at BASB and SYC are still going on, so check them out if you haven't yet. Won't you play along?

i also ordered this new kit. well, it's been around for a while, but it will be new to me. it has lots of goodies in it and i'm SUPER excited to receive it!

oh! and i forgot to mention that a few weeks ago, Aimee, Owen and i went here:our not-so-local-but-not-too-far-away scrapbook store. she had some really cute stuff and has a huge crop room. it's not completely finished yet, but i could see myself seriously messing up the place with all my crap. not that i could every actually go to a crop with all my stuff, but...it would be nice to get back the face-to-face aspect of the scrappin' process.

check out Sylvia's blog...and if you're local, her hours are listed on there. check it out! she's got Sassafras on its way!

have a fab day!

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13 paper addicts say...:

Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

Love that Martha Stewart Twine!! I need some more!!

Karen said...

I NEED to get my hands on some of that twine.....LOVE it!

lauren said...

I love the twine! And I also love the photo of your boy checking out the m&m inards! lol

vtpuggirl said...

Love your room and congrats to you for your etsy! That's awesome! Enjoy your kind-of LSS, I couldn't go to a crop with all my crap either, but I'd still love the opportunity. Love the new kit, my friend Ali Mclaughlin who lives near me is on that team.

jenjen said...

Your craft room is awesome! And what a sweet little birdy tag that is!


Greta Adams said...

deep sigh! one of these days hopefully we can get together and laugh until our faces hurt!!

umm missy...i need a eww to new soon!! please give me my fix.

walesk said...

ohh I love the pegboards! I need some of those... going to check out your etsy :)

chelemom said...

Love the scrap room! My hubby gave up the spare room.....it is now allllll mine! Have a great weekend!

Anilu Magloire said...

So glad you liked the twine :)
Love that pic of you and your little guy!!

Laura said...

I just love the pegboard in your scrap room. Great idea and sweet hubby! :)

aimee said...

where is my comment?!? i already posted a comment here. did you delete me? grrrrrrr
i need that pic of bee and me.
love the booger check!

Angela W said...

I love that birdie tag, love it! I wanted that Scarlet Lime kit, but I didn't make it.

Denise said...

Thanks for the view up your noses. I've been dying to see that just didn't want to admit it. LOL!