and that you are, my dear...

i had little drawing a few minutes ago, you now for that amazingly cute Amy Butler bag above.

and how fitting that Cortney won:

how's that for positivity?

congrats, Cortney! email me at polkadothouse[at]live.com and i'll get your bag out to you!

thanks to everyone who came out of lurkdom. it's nice to meet the people who read me. i now have a bunch of new friends to visit!

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5 paper addicts say...:

jenjen said...

Great giveaway Karin! Congrats to Cortney. That bag is adorable.

About the comment on my blog regarding the pasiley material for my chairs -- it IS the same shower curtain you have. How funny is that??

Have a great day!


vtpuggirl said...

I just wanted to say you have pretty handwriting, and I got the Twilight books for my birthday. Don't tell me how it ends!

Cortney Ophoff said...

What's particularly funny about this is that almost right after I left that post as 1LuckyMom I decided to start posting under my real name instead and switched everything over. I guess I am glad I kept my lucky name just so long! I'm very excited about the bag (I never win anything - thank you!) but even more excited to have found your fabulous blog and all the wonderful ideas it's putting in my head! :o)

Greta said...


I was hoping it was me, but since I'm not a mom and certainly not lucky. I guess not. ;)

Angela W said...

Congrats Cortney! Great bag you won! Karen~thanks for following my blog! Yes, our ice finally melted! That is cute about our boys and their Lowe's aprons! How old is your son? Mine is almost 7, and he loves to draw or whatever when I sit to scrap!