a few life tips for today...

1. never judge a book by its cover...or for today's lesson, never judge a spice/seasoning by its label.

i say this b/c in an effort to make a yummy lunch that only i will eat (in this house anyway), i thawed my fave salmon steaks and realized i didn't have any lemon pepper. but wait! i have lemon and i have pepper. can you hear the wheels turning?
well, the two of the above together do not necessarily equal this:

2. do not make your salad until the salmon is almost done. or you will have still frozen salmon and no salad:

3. if you're an 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' kinda gal like i am, don't try to branch out and be all open-minded when it comes to salad dressing. while i did eat all the salad prematurely, i must say that my new choice in dressing just didn't cut it.

in other news...Owen is not feeling well today, which is why i made a lunch just for me today. he has moved from the ottoman, to the office floor and is now asleep on the cold kitchen floor. he has some bug. or a cuteness hangover. seriously, it must take a lot out of a person to be so darn cute all the time. a kid needs a break. i guess he has no idea that he's cute even when he's throwing up. poor fella.

i took this yesterday when we went for that FREE grand slam breakfast at denny's. it was yummy...and free. can't beat that! we went with Aimee and Sheree. (i think Sheree needs a blog.) and i'm hoping that the pancakes with ketchup that he ate are not what made him sick. (Owen is all about being open-minded when it comes to eating.)

nothing crafty today. i'm working on a blog (yes, Aimee...YOURS!) and i have this mess to deal with before i can make anything paper-related. yuck!

have a great day!

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10 paper addicts say...:

vtpuggirl said...

LOL about your comment on my blog, and this post. And your mess. Hey, I see I have a little space here at the polka dot house, mind if I invite some people over? It's not like a party mom, it's just a get together, K?

Kristii said...

I recognize that mess, lol!! my desk is very similar!! Sorry your guy is under the weather. Hoping brighter days ahead!! I enjoy your blog!!

aimee said...

your the my best friend!
i put up the pic of you dragging your son across the parking lot on my blog!
i hope little man feels better :)

Queen of Paper said...

wow...lol that is a very messy desk! mine looked like that last week!

Nicole said...

hope he feels better...and your 'lessons' cracked me up, lol. =)

Christie Wildes said...

such a fun mess to have!! :) and i totally agree with the whole salad dressing thing - i just can't shake my old faithfuls.
hope your little man is feeling better soon.

laverneboese said...

heehee! your post had me laughing this morning. i hate cooking/prepariing a meal...and truly...for all of the funny things that you talked about in your post. i never have the ingredients on hand. i always make the mistake of improvising. i usually eat some portion of the meal before the rest of it's done...and sadly, when the main dish is finally finished, it tastes yucky. people ask me why our family is so thin---I CAN'T COOK! WE'RE ALL STARVING, heehee :) Hope your munchkin got over his "yucky" spell

Rita said...

I'm in the same boat as you with my mess! And my SC kit should be here tomorrow! I better get busy cleaning, or at least shoving my piles to the side, lol!

Denise said...

I give you points for experimenting with the lemon and the pepper. I am wondering if lemon rind is what is in the spice. There you go...another way to experiment. You can thank me later OR you can probably just buy the spice. :o)

I hope little guy feels better today! It has to be the pancakes and ketchup. For sure. :o)

Ki said...

you totally crack me up! and I vote for it being a cuteness hangover - totally!