well, i thought i was going to get to scrapbook last night. but i didn't do much. mich and i watched the thunderstorm from his bedroom window, had tickle wars and read Put Me In The Zoo. owen went to bed at his normal 8:30 and mike watched my own worst enemy. i don't like the show, and to mike's dismay, it's been cancelled. :( poor mike. all the shows he likes get yanked. that is of course except for lost and big bang theory.

i did make this little number for a lady at work. she's an old lady and i don't think she has anybody (family) who lives close. we talked about thanksgiving and she said she didn't do anything so...one day i heard her talking about what days she had to work and, as she flipped through her little calendar, she remarked about how she'd soon have to get a new one. i thought she might like one made especially for her. she did! i really thought she was going to cry when i gave it to her.

this past weekend mich had to decorate a gingerbread cut-out for a school project. he wanted to get a pic, so we set up the tripod and snapped a shot.

i know i look like a dork in the scarf while mich is wearing a short sleeve shirt. but, for whatever reason, when it gets chilly here i can never seem to keep warm. it's weird that i grew up with very cold winters, but after being in tx for almost 8 years (holy crap!) my body is no longer used to it. i certainly can't stand the hot summers and i love it when it actually gets down to the 40's and 30's here, but you'll always find me all bundled up when the temp drops.

oh, and yesterday i got these little numbers at target for only $4!!!! (and i have a serious headache from walking around in them, checking them out--i never wear heels anymore.)

i was able to shop peacefully for a few Christmas shirts for the boys (and the shoes for me) while owen did this in the cart:

anywho, that's about all for now. contemplating working on my december daily and am working on two new blogs for two of my fave scrappin' gals, aimee t. and greta a.

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3 paper addicts say...:

lauren said...

That was great to make the calendar for her!

Greta Adams said...

oh i bet she did want to cry...that is so sweet...you have such a big heart....

i am so excited over my new look...eeeek

Aimee said...

oh that is so sweet! done your good deed for the day.