Happy Turkey Day!

just a quick post before i head off to work for tonight (ick). just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and to say how thankful i am for all of my family and friends and our health.

the carrot cake and the ham i made were outstanding. and here's a cake that my little momma made for today. too bad i won't get to taste any of it. but thanks for sending me the picture! i always love all your little creations. (my mommy needs a blog!)

love you momma! miss you guys :(

it's almost too cute to even eat!

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7 paper addicts say...:

Lisa said...

Hey Karen!! The cake is too pretty to eat!! Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.. Sucks you had to work tonight!!! Busy Busy I bet!! Lisa

walesk said...

wow! your mama is very talented. what an awesome cake. I hope you had a great thanksgiving :)

Jessi Gribbin said...

Happy Thanksgiving Liz and Family!!
Sorry you had to work but I hope you had a great weekend anyway!
Love the new look...tho maybe it's just new to me. :)

Rita said...

What a beautiful cake! I am so envious of her talent!

Greta Adams said...

it's definitly too cute to eat!! love it and it looks sooo yummy!!!

Kristii said...

Yum!! That cake looks totally delicious!! Love what you did with your blog!! You are sooo talented!!

Denise said...

that explains it! you got your creativity from your mom. :o) Awesome cake. Kind of wish I had smell-a-vision or even better taste-a-vision.