busy, and unfortunately not an ounce of it has anything to do with paper or crafts :(


  1. meet with lady about her website
  2. stop by joann to see if i can find some items needed for bday party this saturday
  3. plan den meeting and craft
  4. hit the cub scout store for mich's uniform and mine (I volunteered to be michael's den leader for his tiger cub den of 8 boys. hey, it was going to be 13 boys. we split thank goodness)
  5. work on forum for new cub scout den (yes, i volunteered for that, too) but what gets me is some of these parents don't even have email/internet. wth?
  6. plan indiana jones treasure hunt bday party for saturday
  7. deposit a check
  8. drop off blank check at insurance for new bank account, again. thanks paypal hackers.

here's a pic of something very pretty to calm me down:

i'm so glad that i don't have to go to an actual workplace everyday so that i can actually get all of this stuff done. it will be interesting to see how my meeting goes with owen there. it is very difficult to get anything done while there is a 1 1/2 year old pretending he's a monkey and you're a tree that's trying to type on the computer. right now he is quiet drinking his milk at my feet. but when that's done, he'll be up and climbing trying to get the keyboard, mouse, or turn off the monitor. what a sweetheart. so, i have to finish up quickly. i can't wait to see what happens at this lady's house.

oh, and the errand part of getting in and out of the car is getting really old with owen. i know he hates it as much as i do. the thing is, each time we get out i have to put his socks and shoes back on b/c he always takes them off while driving. it takes me like an entire hour to go to walgreens and the post office. and they're like a mile away from each other.

anywho, that is all. please feel free to offer any suggestions for cub scouting. it can't be that hard, right? i mean, i used to be in the Army so i've got this under control, right?

new SYC is up. we are doing one every two weeks now, giving us all a better chance of getting it done. and i really want to get back into making items for my etsy and also doing the STM challenges. but that's going to happen until next week...i hope it's that soon.

one thing at a time; knock 'em out one thing at a time.

have a great day!

oh, and check out the latest: basb

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1 paper addicts say...:

Rita said...

Wow, busy day! My DS is in his second year of Scouts, and I want to volunteer but am not brave enough to go for den leader yet! My DS always loves the science stuff. Good luck! Oh, and I bought Twilight after everything I've read here:)