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bought nice 'wood' blinds today for the front room (it gets like an oven in here in the mornings)...they're too short!!! i guess i hung them too high? but i don't want to be able to see the rail from the outside. any suggestions besides taking them back? i don't want to have to get custom blinds. that is just silly. i'm so bad at this stuff.

that's it for today. went over to my friend's house and gave her some blog tips and set her up a map and counter. i've totally got her hooked. which is nice. now i can have someone to share with who lives right down the street from me. we, along with at least two other ladies from our now-defunct lss, are going to lake granbury this weekend for a 'retreat'. the local vet's wife has a lake house that nobody uses (how could you not use it?) so she invited the old crew out for a few days of scrappin'. i will miss my boys and i know i'll be feeling guilty while i'm there, but i really need a break. maybe not right now, but i will be thankful come july when i'm out of ideas for entertaining a 6 year old.

i don't think i have any pics today. i might do some scrappin' later. my table is a mess from hanging up the blinds, so as soon as i clean it up owen is sure to wake from his nap and that will put an end to that. i'd really like to do the current challenges at noel mignon, syc and journaler's junction. i won't say i'm going to catch up...i'll just start with the current one.

i also have a project in the works. a big one but it's kind of for someone else. i'm very excited for the opportunity to do something so huge for people whom i've never even met in real life. i'm happy that they feel comfortable asking and i will do my best to impress! you'll see later...

why do i always say, "that's it for today" in like the second paragraph and then add like four more? oh well. i did want my friends and family to take a peak at the newest link up under 'get your scrap on'. it really doesn't fit up there b/c it really doesn't have much to do with scrapbooking (i'll move it later)...but i'm hoping to get some local (and perhaps long-distance) business for our newest endeavor...a web design studio. i'll be doing most of it and what i cannot (language wise) mike will do cuz he's all smart like that and that's his job outside the home. so, be sure to check it out! Polka Dot House Design Studio
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5 paper addicts say...:

Larajc said...

I hope you have a great scrap retreat. It sounds like fun! ps. I love the spice rack item in last post. I have one of those. I might redo mine and give it away! What a great idea.

ahardy said...

good luck on the new business venture!
& a weekend of scrapping? FUN!

*love* your altered spice rack. SO CUTE!

mom2ee said...

have a great time at the retreat. i am so jealous. best of luck with the new business venture.

joanne (spagirl) said...

ooh... have fun at your retreat! and... the "that's it for today" ... i do that in emails... i say, ok, gotta go... then write a book! lol!!
off to check out polka dot design studio... sounds wonderful!

Greta Adams said...

i am so happy for you...i hope the studio business takes off....

i hang my blinds in the window not on the outside so i can't help y ou with your fix...wish i could though

can't wait to see your SYC layout