swimming and other bits.

sort of.

here are some pics of the chillin's yesterday. i have to entertain them somehow. we did chick-fil-a in the morning, stopped by aimee's house and helped her out with some blog stuff. stopped by wal-mart and bought blinds that were too short. wait, didn't i already post about this? whatev. i put the boys in the pool. i can't believe how dark michael is compared to owen. such a completely different skin tone. i guess mich has the italian side and owen has the texas/whatever/really pale side. mike's mom is german, so maybe that's it. blond hair, blue eyes, really fair complexion.

sorry. i guess i have nothing more to say. except that i put up some etsy tags yesterday and i went to check the bank and then my email. my inbox gave me a note that they had sold. it hadn't even been 10 minutes. whew! i guess i need to post some more. that is one thing i must do today. get those puppies packed up. the tags, i mean.

michael is in indiana jones mode. big time. that's fine. i love the theme song. but...try this. hum the indiana jones them, then try to do the star wars theme, then try to do the superman theme. ha!!! lemme know how that works out for you. and you're not allowed to cheat. just straight from the ol' noggin. that's my challenge for you today!

later dudes.

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7 paper addicts say...:

mom2ee said...

i get caught up on superman...guess that's what i get for having girls...but i do know every season of ANTM

vtpuggirl said...

I'm totally going to put the little one in the pool today, hope I get good pics like yours! I forgot you are the queen of recycling!

stephanie said...

okay. i am NOT doing that challenge.
are you CRAZY???
it'll be stuck in my brain all day. ehhehe.

love those photos!

moonlightgrrl said...

the only one i can do without hurting my brain is Star Wars. but now i have it stuck in my head. thanks. :-P

(at least it isn't the song i had in my head this morning, which was "I'm getting nothin' for Christmas" - don't ask why.)

D'oh! it's back again. grrrrr!

scrapcat said...

cute pics!
it's still gloomy and gray in WA :(

p.s. thank you so much for the RAK! I received it yesterday. so much cute stuff!!!!!

dawn said...

I wanna play! As far as the songs go, I can only think Star Wars...sorry! :-)

chelemom said...

Your boys are so cute!! My kids have opposite skin tones too! (And amazingly are by the same parents! LOL) My son is fair, blond and green eyed, my daughter has that olive skin tone that tans in like two seconds!