Rodeo and SYC #20

it's nice to know some 'people' in town. the wife of one of the main veterinarians in the town is a big scrapbooker and it was she who invited us to that little retreat last weekend. well, she also gave us her box seat tickets to the first night of the rodeo which was last night. we had so much fun! i went with my bud, aimee and she took her girls and drove us all there with her one arm. it's right down the street from my house--you can see the stadium lights from our back porch--so it wasn't too bad of a drive!

anyway, we hit the parade first, but all my pictures came out blue (i never said i knew how to use my camera). so here are a few from the rodeo program:

here is SYC Challenge #20...Tag You're It! you had to use a minimum of 4 tags. if you want to use up some of your crap (so you don't feel guilty about buying new), check it out here.
this is owen at mom's day out, spring/summer 2007.

the power was out for a good bit of the morning. it flickered, went out and a bunch of sirens (and i was in the middle of making a flash movie for simone's new store!!!) we had some bad storms this morning. people can't drive around here all that well, so not sure if it was the storm's fault directly or indirectly ;) hope everyone was ok though.

table #4 arriving from Roomstore today. i swear...they'd better get it right this time. how long does it take them to inspect a table? answer: about two hours less than it takes to drive a damaged one all the way out here to me.

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9 paper addicts say...:

Greta Adams said...

GIRRRRRRL!!!! that layout is to die for!!!! seriously....soooooo lifting you on that one....LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!

and the rodeo pics look like ya'll had fun...
i can relate to the no driving bastards we have them too!!


Crystal said...

OMG this is awesome I so see a scraplift comming on! I love how you tucked all that fun stuff behind the pic. I cant say enough I just love it :)

Anonymous said...

What great pages and love the pictures from the rodeo. Too cute.

Close To Home said...

OOOHHH That rodeo must have been so fun to go to!!! My kids would love that.
What a beautiful page. I am amazed at all your embellies and how it all blends so well!

april said...

wow, that is a great photo of your son with the messy face! that'll make a great story for a scrapbook page :)
oh, and your tag LO is amazing! I am tag-challenged and just purged all of mine.

vtpuggirl said...

Beautiful layout, love all the OA/SC!
The rodeo looks like a blast!

Aimee said...

you are so talented!
you need to check out my blog, i put a special pic up just for you.hee hee. mike will think your sexy!!!

Kristii Lockart said...

Love your work!! Totally awesome!! Fantastic pictures!!

Lisa said...

Wow love your layout, so much to look at.

Love the photos too.