well, good gravy!!!

super long story about getting internet connected at the house. and crazy. lots of people who were ESL (no offense, just very difficult when you are trying to explain a situation that is out of their scripted chat topics). the whole ordeal resulted in a week of no internet for us and for my mother-in-law. (don't ask how that happened. just be aware that basically anyone can call up another isp and they can cancel your current service without your prior consent--yeah, they did that--well, i did that. to my poor mil. and i didn't even tell them to do it. i told them repeatedly the correct phone number to install it on. and they just didn't get it. so sorry!!!)

sooo, bye aparment! here's the last pic i took of it:
first night in new house. all of us (including the dog) in the same bed. not fun. i ended up on the floor with a only a few pillows.

besides the house, and the amazing mother's day gift--a new gas grill and some patio furniture (like they haven't done enough for us already)--and the new furniture, the latest is the fact that i really need curtains in the front room where the computer is. it's getting light out and i'm sitting here in my droors. tee hee... no, really.

i received two lovely items in my mailbox (actually directly from the mailman. very friendly, needs a hair-cut)...a huge RAK from the lovely Judi (do you have a blog, my dear?) and my card from the wonderful Dawn, two ladies i know from over at Studio Calico. i tell you, all of the girls over there rock!!! you really need to join. here are some pics. and i think Judi owns her own scrapbook store to be able to just up and mail people all this stuff. i've sent a few RAKs a while back (that rhymes) and mine truly suck compared to this:

and then my bright and cheery card from Dawn:

Thank you, Judi and Dawn...you really made my day. week...big smile on my face.

a break from the unpacking for some random cuteness:

gomey, patiently awaiting his fenced-in yard:

i think that's all for now. i mean, there's tons more but i don't want to bore everyone. hope everyone is doing well. i will try to catch up with all my peeps here and there over the weekend. lots of lawn-mowing, wood purchasing (closet shelves), unpacking, soccering, mother's daying, and the dreaded cleaning--yes, the house is dirty already besides the messy box mess all over the place. hopefully, i can get some cards cranked out for the b-days i missed at SC. not sure though, as this is my space:

and don't think these boxes are all of it :)


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3 paper addicts say...:

dawn said...

YAY! You are back! We missed you!! It does suck when you have no internet for a week!! That is tough! I am glad you got your card. I also sent you some thing else, I hope you got it. Looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you, but it will be all worth it. Enjoy your Mothers Day and Welcome Back!! :-)

Close To Home said...

that was some rak. I am glad for you! Cute kiddos you have. Happy Mother's Day!

Jessi Gribbin said...

Yay! You're in you HOUSE! You guys must be thrilled...and busy.
Hope you have a fabulouse Mother's Day!