Happy Mother's Day...

i can tell i'm a mom; i'll never truly be alone again. and that's a good thing :) and yes, that is a naked barbie doll in the shower with me. mich gave that to me last year during our visit to NC. long story. it's kind of a running joke now in our household. and it seems even O gets it.

michael and me...before our digital days. don't have a copy of our hospital pic on my computer. and then owen and me. wow...goes by fast!

ooh, i looked like that and they still love me.

sort of recent random faves:

and then, momma and me last summer...miss you sooooo much! and i thank you for everything you have ever done for me and tried to teach me. most of your lessons stuck, even though i might not have always done things the right way the first go 'round.

and to all you mothers (that sounded funny), whether you want to have 'alone time' or spend it with all your kiddoes peeking at you in the shower and hanging around on the floor by your feet as you cook dinner for everyone else, you deserve to have a wonderful day!

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