room of crap update...

well, this is what i have accomplished so far. i had it all cleaned up yesterday, then changed my mind. see that little shelf with the plastic jars hanging off it? $2.57 at target!!! i got so excited and bought 4 of them. i don't know that i'll ever use 4, but...you know me.

the fabric drawers housed all our computer stuff, but all that had to take a backseat to my scrap supplies. so, i loaded them up with tools, punches, paints, etc...i kinda like them for that. and at 2 for $11 (guess where?)...

the three tier shelf on the floor will be my next 'ew to new' so keep an eye out for that in the days to come. the empty corner will hold my craft table. i hope that we can start work on it this weekend. i hope!!!

anywho, it will be just the very center corner table. on each side i hope to have bookcases underneath for the fabric drawers as well as some paper slots, rather than all that jazz on top of the desk as in this pic:

i went to price wood this morning, but i know my way around lowes like a...well, i don't know my way around lowes at all...yet!!! so, no idea on the cost. i know it will be much cheaper than this puppy at a whopping $2200!!! i found it here. (sorry Dawn...i know you probably don't shop at lowes but my son is all about #48 and throws a fit if we even drive into the home depot parking lot.)

not much today. gym, lowes, home, owen's napping. have to go pick up that fox/socks dr. seuss book for michael. he reads it at school and wants his own so he can read it to owen. how sweet! plus, i have to get a new phone for mike. he hasn't had one all week; the screen is out on it. also, we are going to say goodbye to the xterra soon. needs major tune-up, no a/c, high miles and uses entirely too much freakin' gas! mike is thinking about a hyundai. that will be his and i will keep the passat. anyone have a hyundai car and have any thoughts to share? please let me know as we've never owned one.

later kids!

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2 paper addicts say...:

chelemom said...

I would be honored if you added me! I will add you as well! Thanks so much!!! Last name starts with K. Have a great weekend!

dawn said...

Lovin' the idea of your scrap space! It is going to look FABULOUS!!
By the way, I do shop at Lowes AND Home Depot. Yes, I have to accomadate (sp?) my boyfriend and our son who are both #24 and #48 fans. Even tho I am a Tony fan (wanna know a secret?). Okay so it is not really a BIG secret...I have a total crush on #48's crew chief (Chad Knauss). Yes my boyfriend of 13+ yrs knows how LOVE crazy I can get! I definately do not hide the David Cook thing!! Even tho I am ALMOST (I said ALMOST)old enough to be his Mom!
Anyways, I total get the gas thing. My commute daily is KILLING me!! Have a wonderful weekend Liz!!