i'm a dope...

i was so worried about missing out on wishing my new friend Aleida a happy bday over at SC that i totally didn't even post about it here. i was even an hour early over there. whatever. Aleida lives not too far from me (we still need to go paper shopping together), but far enough where we haven't yet met in person. i think we have a connection b/c neither of us are originally from texas and are still missing home.

she is a sweetheart and i always enjoy keeping up with her blog and on the boards. she can really make a gal feel special.

so, while you're waiting for it to arrive in the mail, here is a pic:i hope you had a great bday! you had the whole weekend to celebrate, too! (friday birthdays rock!!!) know that your card is on its way, but obviously it will be late. i hope you like what i included inside; it's not much but i hope that you will enjoy it.
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5 paper addicts say...:

mom2ee said...

love seeing the card again..it was great. love the stripes at the bottom and the little polka dot flower from the polka dot house...too cute
have a great day even tho it is Monday

Tiffany said...

What a cute card! I love it!

ricanlaw said...

A gorgeous card, I can't wait. Oh Liz thank you for it and your post.

Listen, I need you, like urgently, please, I know I sound crazy and when I talk to you, you will understand. I hope to hear from you soon girl.


dawn said...

This card sure is BEAUTIOUS!! Is that even a real word?? :-)

Greta Adams said...

that card is awesome!! WHOA!!!