Ew to New #2

ok, so this wasn't necessarily "ew" to begin with. it used to hang in the bathroom at my lss. my boss had it hanging up in there and we'd leave notes to each other to read while we were on the pot. ok, say maybe it was ew...anyway, the whole point is that i wanted it in my kitchen and it didn't match.

supplies: old memo board (you know the kind with the ribbons); enough fabric to cover that particular part (found mine on clearance table at wally-world); button cover kit; scissors; knife (i'm the most dangerous, non-safety conscious crafter in town); sticky something or other that will hold ribbon in place on back; needle and heavy-duty thread.


i cut the fabric, glued it to the old board. placed my ribbon (kinda hard to line up) with enough to wrap around back and secure with glue. i covered my buttons with leftover fabric. poked holes ( i used a knife but i'm sure there must be a better way--perhaps a paper piercer as the board was not quite as thick as masonite). then i 'sewed' the buttons on, starting from the back, leaving enough on each end as i came back through to tie in a good tight knot (you'll want it tight enough to make the buttons create a 'dimple' in the fabric.) oh, i couldn't find the ones with the tacks, only button loops. i squished the loops down flat before putting them on the board.
see the lovely adhesive? i'm such a perfectionist. then i placed it back in the frame and pounded the heck out of it with the back of an axe. no, just kidding. i actually used a hammer. :) the frame will keep the fabric and ribbon in place, provided you didn't make it too thick.

and here you have it


i wanted some sort of roosters to match my collection, but all the fabrics with roosters were pretty hokey. so i just went with black to match the appliances and then the reds to match my gadgets.

let me see what you can do with your memo board. i'm thinking if you don't have one, how about using a sturdy old cardboard box or super heavy duty chipboard, lining it with batting, then following the not-so-detailed instructions above? could work. if you do it, share!

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8 paper addicts say...:

aimeeterry said...

ahhh...I miss seeing that board while sitting on the pot:( It looks great!

joanne (spagirl) said...

wow! that's gorgeous!! beautiful job... and the fabric is so pretty!

stephanie said...

oooh, look at how CRAFTY you are!!!
love it!

dawn said...

Another EW project..I LOVE it! You are a crafty girl! :-)

chelemom said...

Another awesome project!!!

Anonymous said...

oh it turned out fab! and what a great piece to keep those random things that always end up in the kitchen! Love it!

Kimber-Leigh said...

love the board...great idea!

Denise said...

Your Ew posts are great! Love the board and will have to make one of my own. You have roosters in your kitchen? I have chickens. How crazy is that? Yeah...very?