boxes, boxes and more boxes...all went into our in-laws garage this morning. we only have one day to move once we close, so we're going to be moving all the boxes twice. i did call the apartment office and they did say that we could stay until saturday, if needed, for $30 a day. sooo, if we absolutely can't get moved out on weds, at least we can take a few extra days. i should have taken a pic of all the boxes before mike and his dad loaded everything up but i didn't. the house is such a wreck. i had no idea we had that much crap!!!

no more scrapbooking for a while. all my pp and bare necessities are in boxes. i still have a ton more of that stuff to pack (what's left in my closet). but i'll get there. want to take a break.

we got our NetFlix the other night. watched 3:1o to Yuma the other night. not at all what i expected. i knew it would be good, but i was thinking it would turn out like one of those cracky films like From Dusk 'Til Dawn. but it didn't get all weird. it was very good with quite a few laughs.

uh. that's about all that's been going on here. oh, and for those who wanted to know about my future attic...the biggest obstacle would be to put in a staircase. i was thinking spiral. but that would require a hole in the ceiling on one end of the dining area. definitely room there for that. just lots of work. and, if i can get mike to do up to the sheetrock, i can certainly take things forward from there all by myself. not hard to paint or install those laminate wood floors. right? oh, that would just be awesome. i could even leave some space for mike's subbuteo table. if you're wondering where the pics of that came from (amy), they were the feature here. you can also view other scrapbooking rooms. this one just happened to be my fave...the yellow. oh, the yellow!!!

my momma wrote me a birthday poem and it made me cry. when will you come visit? we have room now. you certainly have no excuse. :)

well, all that was terribly exciting. hope your weekend is going well! later...

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ricanlaw said...

Best of luck with move. Quit complaining. Just kidding. You have a house, A HOUSE! Hoping you get that room girlie for totally selfish reasons of course.