2 sick boys and random (not so good) pics...

yes, i have all of those things. mich came down with some kind of crud. chest cold or something. he's been very sleepy for the last two days. i would say he's not eating anything, but that's not a stretch from the norm. owen is just snotting all over. i just wiped his face for bed. crusted cheeks with dog hair stuck in there as well. nice. i guess i don't need to mention that gomey is shedding badly. gave him a bath today. he has the itchies again. poor thing. didn't see any fleas, just lots of dry skin.

so, i took these pics a few weeks ago at mich's school carnival. it was so exciting for him and i dreaded going but he had a really fun time. once there, i remembered what a big deal all these school events are to little ones. it was fun to watch him get so excited. we then went on a dinner date to golden corral. i know. whatever. it was actually quite good. we both had steaks. it was even better when michael said, "mom, this is like the best place to eat ever!" what a sweetheart. (now that i'm typing this, i think i posted about all of this already. whatever.)

anyway, at the carnival they had this way cool bungee game where you put on a vest attached to a bungee and you had to run forward and grab a bean-bag before the rope pulled you back. it looked like a ton of fun. wish i could have tried it. but i guess they would have frowned on that, so i refrained. oh, and i don't have a good pic of it. didn't have a good vantage point (as you can probably tell), but those are his feet!

and what's is up with this girl's shirt? i don't think it's legible, but it says, "...or should i walk by again?" what is that all about? i don't understand some people. she's like 10 or 12 max. perhaps i am old-fashioned. i am relieved that i have two boys.

tomorrow, the towing company will come and and take you away. my sweet little honda. since 1997. :( i hope that you can help some kid stay in school.

oh, the 'stolen emblems' part on that last pic...i am the thief. but don't tell anyone. i plan to shadow box them as a tribute.

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5 paper addicts say...:

laverneboese said...

Oh I hope your boys feel better soon. How yucky. The carnival looked like fun. You're a much better mom than me. We skipped ours this year...just couldn't bear it. So did you get any SC add-ons?

aimeeterry said...

Hey girl, happy birthday! i know it is not until tomorrow...but i wanted to say it just in case I don't see you.

Jessi Gribbin said...

Hee hee...bummer about your "stolen emblem". Sorry your kiddos are sick tho. Hope they feel better soon.

You laugh, but Aleida can tell you. We spent more than we earned at Recollections. :)

dawn said...

Sorry about the sick kiddos!!I hope they are feeling better now.

Your B-day is tomorrow? Happy B-day!! E-mail me your address, I want to send you a card... :-)


ricanlaw said...

We did spend more than we earned at Recollections. Sorry about the sick kids and hopefully are feeling better as I post this.