re-vamp, feeding pets and fire safety...

yeah, i know. but now that i have my new SR, i'm thinking of making a new little polka dot house...i mean, how can you not love this stuff? it just screams sunshine!!! ooh, perhaps elizabeth needs to use it in her etsy banner!

perhaps tomorrow night after michael crashes. mike has subbuteo, soooo, maybe me and the big little guy can get a movie and a pizza, hang out, play some turbo yahtzee, throw a few water balloons at each other (that don't ever pop until they hit the ground), and hope that all that, combined with his soccer game at 3 (how inconvenient) will cause him to fall asleep, not on the way home at 4pm, but rather at 9 or so. the other little guy, mr. o...you can put him anywhere and he just hangs out.

here he is feeding the gomes. he'd take a piece of food, throw it at gomey and gomey would gobble it up and wait for another piece. oh, and any advice on red eye for a blue eyed boy? every single pic i take of owen has really bad red eye. even with the red eye setting. i'm camera challenged so...

it's so weird how much different the second child is than the first. but i don't feel sorry. i was the fourth. he's a dirty-gurdy though. so much messier than i remember michael being. that all sounds kind of mean...but he is so darn funny, i could just squeeze him to pieces!!!

we were playing on the floor today with this big car of michael's. now, when he plays with michael, they will sit across from each other and zip the car back and forth. when i play with him on the floor, he'll back up into me and get as close as he possibly can and just sit there. it is so darn cute. so, we zip the car over to gomey. no response. so i have to go get the car and as soon as i get settled to zip it to owen, here he comes backing up into me again. kind of like the time we took the video of him trying to sit on mike's head as mike lay on the floor. so cute. that vid is on my blog somewhere...

michael had his fire safety training this week. the FD had the mobile house unit where they went inside and watched a movie then had to low crawl underneath fake smoke and touch a hot door. they sure have come a long way in their demos. i think i would have remembered a lot more as a kid if i got to slide down the pole.

anyway, offer number 3, house number 3. this is the last possible house in the area where we want to live. a little above what we want to spend, but it's nice. and it's our last hope for a little while. until something else pops up. so, we'll see. i hope to hear something back before the weekend.

OK, i don't know if it will be like i'm going to describe in this particular post...but the text from paragraph to paragraph differs sometimes and i can't figure out why. sometimes it's all spaced out. perhaps it just b/c of what the whole P is saying. don't know why it does that.

i almost got started on a gasoline rant but i am holding back for tonight.

it's almost friday!

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