howdy tuesday...

i feel like i just did one of these! is it tuesday again already?

put our offer on the house yesterday. and i hate to say it, but sometimes you ever just get the feeling you're being lied to? like you're not being told the complete truth about something...maybe not flat-out lied to, but just like you're not being told everything that's going on.

i hate that. and being the youngest of four, you think i'd be used to it. but that makes me hate it even more. really bugs me. i hate being in the dark. especially when it comes to this huge home purchase thing we're taking on.

anyway, i hope we hear something today...VA loans are at 5.5%! wow. that would put us under $1k for our monthly payment! can you believe that! that's what we pay in rent every month! woo-hooo! i have a feeling it's going to get dragged out for at least til the end of the week. and i'll tell you something, if this lady doesn't take our offer, she's a complete bone-head. and good luck to her.

this pic of owen is from last month... is it wrong of me to not like him anymore b/c his beautiful hair is all gone? i mean, it's not that i don't like him...i just miss his hair so much. those people made me cut it. now he looks all dirty, stinky boy. :(

owen is still feeling lousy. he really hasn't been eating well the last few days. teeth. i think. plus, i think he might have a bit of a sore throat. just seems like it the way he coughs and the look on his face. but no fever. so i'm not going to take him in and drug him all up.

i have to go to dallas tomorrow for my ENT appointment. i don't want to. my tonsils aren't bothering me anymore. they're going to do a laryngoscopy. yuck. i'm gagging at the thought.

that's about all for today. might post later with some scrappin' . that's if i get any done! there's a new one over at Scrap Your Crap and then i think i might try this journaling one here. i love their latest challenge: ransom notes! i have the perfect idea for this one!

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ricanlaw said...

You were in DALLAS??? I could have met you. I work in Dallas. Boo hoo. Yep, I know what you mean about the hair cut. Joshua had beautiful blonde curls, not any more. He just has the dirty blonde hair. Oh well, he's still gorgeous is Owen is too!