howdy tuesday!

this is my second post today, but whatever...

went to gym, worked today, had lunch with mike (he's now working from home on tuesdays), picked up mich, soccer pics, cookies for dinner. yeah, wal-mart cookies. only had one though. wasn't very hungry from our mongolian tasty buffet lunch (the sign actually reads taste buffet--funny). have lots of houses lined up to look at tomorrow. mike and i were talking about the other house we turned down and what a bummer it is. he is sick over it, too.

almost finished with my current scrapbooking project. i think i might post it on the Making Memories blog as i used their Garden Party line. they have thing now where you can upload a demo video and win stuff...eh hem...Simone? don't know that i will do that b/c i only have one of these items that i am altering. although i may do one of those Easter baskets. but i'd better get on that. Easter is right around the corner.

oh, i got tagged by miss raechelle (who just redecorated her scraproom and it looks fab)...so here goes:

“7 random/crazy/weird facts about you” (mine are pretty boring, but...)

  1. i always have to make my bed before i leave the house in the morning--even if mike's still in it :)

  2. i completed a half marathon

  3. i can speak Korean (well, sort of...not so much anymore)

  4. i've been sky-diving twice

  5. i know how to disassemble and reassemble an M-16 rifle, as well as some other 'big guns'

  6. i can fit my entire fist in my mouth

  7. i got first place in my 7th grade science fair

and now i have to tag 7 people:








i'll understand if you don't answer...no biggie. but it was fun! and it's nice to finally know people who will actually tag me and whom i can actually tag!

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3 paper addicts say...:

ricanlaw said...

I'll play. :)

Close To Home said...

You've skydived? WOW!!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome!

SpAzzGiRL said...

MM videos???!! Thanks for the 411.
If I ever go into battle, I'll keep in mind that you've got skillz. lol