well, crap...

the cowboys lost and mike is in a foul mood, as expected. he says he's done with them and will not care one iota about them next season. he has given up on them just as he has the mavericks (and he really doesn't even watch them at all anymore--b/c they're choke artists). so, maybe that's a good thing! hooooray! funny thing though, he still watches newcastle (soccer) play and they got their tails whipped 6-0 the other day. but i don't think he'll ever give up on soccer and i really don't think he's going to give up on football either.

anyway, got these pics yesterday of all the boys outside (mike, mich, owen and pa) playing with the huge remote control truck pa bought mich for christmas. they had a good time and owen just loved sitting there hanging out with his bro...and vice versa. too cute! really wanted owen to look at his pa when i was taking the pic but he just wouldn't. then my flippin' batteries died.

arrrrghhhhh! i hate batteries. you think they'd have come up with something better by now. i mean, honestly. and i bought rechargables for my camera, for my camera, and where do they end up? dead in the wii remotes, tv remotes, toys, and mike's little radio. hate it!!!
guess that's about all for today. my cardstock should be here this afternoon so i'll be able to get more etsy stuff done. and drop off a's cardstock to her. should be exciting! really wish we could get together and scrap. we've both had the bug really bad, but neither of us want to lug all our crap to one location to do it. we are both pretty immobile now as far as scrap supplies go, since the store closed. and neither of us have an area large enough for two. heck, i don't even have an area large enough for one.

which bring us to the craft table update photo:

yes, we eat dinner here. have a good one!

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