more football...

and i really hope the cowboys win simply b/c i don't want mike to be in a bad mood all stinkin' week! (i secretly want the giants to win, being a ny girl and all).

anyway, here's a really silly pic of owen from the other night. i think he has a booger on his chin. nice. and i don't knwo what kind of face that is!

i like this house...what about you? mike doesn't seem to be interested in it. it's in foreclosure so it's super cheap and was built in 2003. very cute. i'm going to go look at it today. just going to check it out. i'm hoping he will like it. it would be cheaper than what we pay now in rent and we don't have to live there forever. just until we can get enough to build the house we really want. kinda blurry. it's a .bmp file for some reason.

that's all for now. maybe when we get back from the in-laws' house i can make some more tags. or an actual scrapbook page! wouldn't that be a hoot!

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2 paper addicts say...:

NancyJones said...

That is a cute house and just think.. the equity you build up in it can go towards the next one if you use it as a starter house :)
we went through all that already lol

SO glad to have you at the diner and on the blog roll :)
and your babe is still a cutey even with a booger chin hehehe

Lynn said...

ooooooooo the house is really adorable and you can make changes as you go. and ain't he adorable!