new year, new (combined) blog

so, for a while there i decided i needed two blogs: one for family schtuff and one for paper schtuff. granted, i do a lot of both...hence the need to stick to only one blog. i know, it's not like i really have too much else to do. all the 'busy' i keep is only b/c i make it so. but what would i do otherwise? sit here and make up this blog all day long (with a lot more tweaking necessary before i really like it way more than my other two)?

the old blogs are there, mostly b/c i don't feel like finding a way to migrate all the old posts. i don't even know if you can, especially from two blogs to one. and the etsy is still up under the polkadotslinedpaper deal and all the links are there, as well as a few new ones i found this evening.

mike had subbuteo tonight so i let michael have his little neighbor friend (who is also in his class) spend the night. they had fun. they just went to bed about an hour ago and fell asleep about 8 minutes ago. i heard them right before mike returned, coming out into the living room, trying not to giggle as if they were in church, then running back to bed. i remember doing that crap and how much fun it is...so i let them be silly. i mean, it's not like me telling them to be quiet and go to sleep was going to work anyway...it never did for me! (sorry, ma!) this is what they were doing about 12am...some kind of matrix something or other. at least that's what mike called it when he saw the pic.
that's all for now. look for some more items in my two sidebars to arrive soon. whew. i hope you do...it took forever to get the right code to work!!!

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