i desperately need...

A CRAFT ROOM!!!!!! or at least a flippin' table that's larger than 3x3.it's not that my stuff isn't organized. it's just that when i start working on something, this happens. i just start throwing things around and piling things up. and, as you can see, we have the most pathetic excuse for a dining table in the entire United States!

anyway, i'm trying to get this finished: a mini from our Corpus Christi trip back in 2006. yeah, i know...(not working with that mess on the table). i got an etsy order from Germany and had to get that packaged and labeled so it would be ready to go out tomorrow morning. have to go to the P.O. for that one.

and anyone have any tips for using the Bind-It-All? having trouble lining things up with mine. i'm making that mini but the holes are way off and some are punched slightly larger. a mess. will have to hide that with ribbon b/c i do not want to waste one single inch of my Hambly Clearly Heavy Overlays.

that's about all for today. mich and owen are playing and mike is sick on the couch...ick...and watching football.

2 paper addicts say...:

nicole said...

congrats on your new scrap space - always nice to have room to spread out, isn't it???
love my hambly stuff too - good luck using your bind it all - that thing looks seriously awesome.

joanne (spagirl) said...

hi karen! your blog is so pretty! and i love your dining room table!! that's what my space looks like too!!
for the bind-it-all... i don't know how big your book is... but i usually center my pages. so, i make a template the width of my book, fold it in half (to be centered) and lay that in the BIA along with my pages. then, if your book is bigger and needs more punches, i can line it up with the squares i've already punched. make sense?! your book looks fab by the way!