this little monkey...

is up to no good. he's a schemer. did I spell that right?

so, the other day he hid mich's iPod. we looked for it for two days. I always tell mich to put it in the little pouch I made for him when it's charging and leave it up on the counter. he never does. the last we saw it, it was sitting on the arm of the couch. I meant to pick it up but didn't. then it was gone. after two days, we were thinking ok it's really gone. so we lifted furniture, dug in couches, looked in baskets and through toys.

...and then we asked Owen. he had NO idea. and then we asked again and he said, "ok, retrace my steps." he went on this big long tangent of places he went and things he did. it led us to the NASCAR bowl on mich's hutch. Owen said, "well, Michael, now you know that you should put your iPod away when you're not using it." that little stinker.

but he's right! taught his bub a lesson--for about 18 hours; the iPod is sitting on the edge of the coffee table.

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