yarn wreath, rosettes, and a wish list item...

i saw this here, and had to make my own:i will be demonstrating how to make paper rosettes at my crop this saturday. i made this one with some super old scraps from Autumn Leaves paper...wowza...that's old!!! anywho, i had a really hard time finding text weight paper! all my paper is cardstock weight and super hard to fold. i plan to make a banner-type something or other for the store during the crop and this is just a demo project so the ladies can learn and go from there:my mich is about to see Harry Potter before it opens at midnight. he's at some special showing which starts in a little bit. lucky duck. not that i'm into Harry Potter...but he sure is! he read all 8 books in less than three months. he's 9. little stud.

i want these new Mizuno Prophecy...but at $200 a pop, i don't predict them to be a part of my running anytime soon. they're not supposed to breakdown like the foam core in my Wave Riders because they don't have a foam core. Sweet! you just have to replace the insoles. Not to say they'll never wear down, but they'll last much long than shoes with a foam core. And they look like pink snake skin. i think i had a pair of plastic pink snake skin pants back in 1999 or something.

that's all for now. later taters.

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2 paper addicts say...:

Mary Jo said...

Your wreath turned out great!
And I like the colors in yours better, too! :)
I don't think they make to much text weight patterned paper anymore. It's mostly cardstock. I was looking for some lighter paper the other day and just couldn't find it!!

Michele H. said...

beautiful wreath! these are on my to do list as we get a little closer to the holidays:)