some pics and ew to new #21

so i'm cleaning out my scrap room and it's taking me far too long to finish. it's so hard to pick, but the more i dig i'm thinking you know this is stuff you will NEVER use if you haven't yet, so just get rid of it. so...to all my local scrapbookers, it won't be that much longer and hopefully by next week i'll be good to go and you can come over and take a peek at what i have.

in the meantime, don't expect anything creative to come out of that mess because i cannot function at all in there....at all!!!

took the boys to botanic gardens. everytime i told the boys to get together for a pic, mich put his arm around owen and made owen put his arm around him. they're too cute. and mich is such a great big brother.

owen during music class...uh-oh...
my old dresser i got when i first got to ft. campbell. it had a lot of stains and water damage on top. NEW:
five cans of paint and 12 glass knobs from hobby lobby (at 1/2 price--yay me!!!) later...and i looove it!!! so pretty :) well, not so much in the garage but i'm not certain where i'm gonna put it yet.

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2 paper addicts say...:

Keshet said...

Fabulous transformation! I was just thinking about you, realized I haven't seen you in a while at SC!

liz mataraza said...

i just went on there today! thanks for thinking of me! trying to get back into the groove. :)