apparently i don't quite have this mobile blogging thing down yet. but at least i got the stuff to show up. i'll get it straight. i just can't believe that iphone has all that google stuff on it, but then doesn't have any mobile blogging gadgets for blogger. i've tried to post to my blog using safari, but it just doesn't show up. plus, there's no way to access your photos like you would be able to on a regular computer. that sucketh.

anyway, i did get this to post but i had to login on my laptop anyway to correct some things. and you may notice the june 4th post below, which i posted on june 4th and it just now appeared. i wonder if all those other posts will start appearing now that i have this sort of figured out. they were in that strange cyber holding area, i guess. lol!

my projects for the july pdw kit are in the works. and if you haven't checked out the new site yet, DO IT!!! it's beautiful!!! i looove it!!!

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