that is the weird name we came up for our little group of crazy runners. ran the american heroes race on saturday. great morning. apache landing, f-19 flyover, bagpipes, national anthem, 21-gun salute, the whole 9-yards. i cried. here's some pics of the powerhouse posse:

looking a little bored, pre-race:

marty, sunny, dave, me, and ange
me and ange checkin' out the apache. i miss that Army smell...it was wonderful and brought back so many memories.we got interviewed for fox 4 news. we didn't make the cut though. :(

came in 2nd in my age group. again. one day i'll get that 1st!!!

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2 paper addicts say...:

GretaB said...

Congrats! Second in your age group is still fabulous! But yes, I know that you will get that first.

shailesh said...