Whimsy Wednesday and the Friday Five

friday five:

  1. i really think i'm narcoleptic. i'm having troubles with my tribbles.
  2. burping on purpose and for fun is normal for children under 9. i'm guessing.
  3. cupcakes and cookies are bad. very bad.
  4. i didn't realize you could still buy tom & jerry episodes on dvd or buy hubba bubba bubble gum. apparently, you can still do both.
  5. don't try to make apple cobbler with buckwheat pancakes, twice. seriously. don't bother the first time. and don't ask either.
i'm hosting the Whimsy Wednesday challenge here...go check it out. you could win something from PDW. here's my challenge. not really much of a challenge. unless you're like me and can't find the punch you want to use when you actually want to use it. so, yeah...you need to use your punches to make something. i did a layout and then used several different punches and layered my shapes and created my own embellishments to use on cards, layouts, etc. you could even make magnets out of them. so, come play along!

oh, and i have my first soccer game this sunday evening here. if you wanna come see me make a complete fool out of myself, please feel free to stop by and enjoy yourselves!

later, peeps! have a great weekend!


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2 paper addicts say...:

Sarah said...

Cute, cute LO!

Anilu Magloire said...

Beautiful stuff, K-Liz!!!