pine oil and paper

not much going on today. trying to keep busy doing some much needed cleaning. oster is asleep though, so i can't touch the master bedroom or bath. darn! :P

i love cleaning my kitchen and getting my sink all shiny. and while i don't like mopping the floor all that much, the smell of pine oil...ahhh...it gets me. i wish i didn't have to exhale so i could just breathe it in constantly and never lose the scent. really, i'm not getting high off it. it just smells fab. and the febreze is pretty nice too. gomey doesn't really stink, but this febreze is the only one i can stand that's clean smelling and isn't all girly and doesn't give me a headache.

here are a few pics of my new-again scrappin' space:

i loooooooooooove my table! it's the best ever! everything fits wonderfully. did i mention how much i love it? sad, really. quite sad.i picked it up a little last night, but it's still quite messy. have to figure out what to do with all my cords though. i want them accessible b/c i move the laptop around a lot throughout the day. to the right of where i have the laptop is where the desktop sits. but it looks so pathetic over there that i didn't include it in the picture. i'm sorry desktop. i didn't mean that. don't break down and eat all my digital pics now, ok?

later peeps. have a wonderful wednesday!

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7 paper addicts say...:

lisa truesdell said...

awesome desk - i love it!

Kimber-Leigh said...

your space looks great! enjoy it!

Denise said...

Hey Liz...surprise I do visit blogs every now and then. Yeah...I suck, but I know you love me anyway. I wanted to say something very important, but forgot what that was. So I will say that flowery, girly smelling stuff gives me a headache, too. I know...you are thinking you don't need to know that, but you really do. Someday when you are on Jeopardy they will ask what gives the Queen of the USA a headache and you will win millions. OK...now that I've proved I am a lunatic. I better go.

Bye for now.

Oh and I covet your table and clean sink.

My word verification is supple. HA! That cracks me up.

Close To Home said...

denise..you crack me up! i like following up and commenting after you. you've made me laugh sooo much tonight! LOL! anyways, back to Liz...love your organized space...me?------> jealous! ha!

vtpuggirl said...

Niiiiiiiiicce desk! I wish I could have one that big, but I just sit on the floor to scrap, so my small one works to hold the computer & printer. I love the smell of pinesol too. :).

*reyanna klein* said...

Looks awesome! I NEED to clean (and finish) my scrap room! It's driving me crazy! LOL. And a bunch of you are posting your scrap rooms, and it sure is motivating! YAY! :) Thank you!

And you know... I don't even know what Pine-Sol smells like! I guess I'll have to get some. I can use that on laminate, right?! :)

Ki said...

Hey I love the smell of Pine Sol too! I just relate it to the smell of clean as it's what my Mom always used!!
Your scrap room looks fab! Nothing wrong with being in love with your table..nope, nothing at all!!