organizing...and eating...

ok, so i got a laptop!!!! yay!!!! now i can actually upload pics and blog again with ease. sweetness. so far i'm liking windows 7, too. pretty cool stuff.

so i got me a new scrap table. it's fab. 3 bookshelves from wally underneath mike's old subbuteo table. will most likely paint or finish the tabletop someday, but it will work fine for now.
i'm organizing my scrap room but i have waaaay too much stuff! it will be fab once i get it finished though. mike is going to hate the table in the middle of the room...but it's a work room. he'll live.

a few pics to share:
my lunch for today. shrimp and spinach over whole wheat pasta. super easy and i'll post the recipe on the clean eating blog maybe later today.

the 3 amigos vehicles. ange, mee mee, and mine. i need an SUV. i'll take a big fat hummer h2...all white. like completely whited out. is that a word? whited? it is now. that would be sweet. far better than the camo ones i used to drive ; )
crazy mushrooms at central market. what a place! and what prices! holy pete, that place is expensive. you know it's pricey when a hungry girl like me comes out with a small box of clementines and a box of tea. but the food is beautiful. had a nice time browsing, except for the sub-zero temps inside...turn on the flippin' heat people!

that's about all. trying to keep busy. sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. i didn't run today; taking a break from my chilly run yesterday. brrrr! had to work at 2 so i couldn't swing the gym at noon when it opened. i ran outside in 16 degree weather. it wasn't windy, so it really wasn't all that bad. 5.6 miles. people driving kept looking at me like i was nuts. well, i am nuts, thank you very much! have a race coming up on jan 24th and then the cowtown half is on feb 27th.
ooh! and i forgot to mention that my new year's day race...i came in first in my age group! check it out! and i came in 46th out of 206. not too shabby!
guess that's about all for now. i don't work again until thursday night, so i have a little bit of time to get this crazy mess of a house in order. it's BAD!!!

later peeps. have a marvelous monday!!!

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4 paper addicts say...:

Lisa Dickinson said...

ok, you are my new running hero. 16 degrees? you are an animal!! :)

Houston said...

Congrats on doing so well in your race! Good luck with getting the house in order.

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Hi Liz!

Just dropping by from the PDW club!

Great blog, love your altered/crafty projects!

GretaB said...

New laptop and new scrappy work area? You are gonna be a working machine now! The desk looks great.

Run a mile or two for me, will ya?