seriously picture heavy...

i'll just post the pics...just way too many! sorry! hope everyone had a fab Christmas. i did. my mom and sis and bil came to visit. i haven't seen them since may 2007!

owen being silly at mike's niece's 18th bday party...and we had to carry this balloon around for 3 days. and yes, he's pickin':
enjoying a cupcake at mich's 2nd grade Christmas party:
at first, they didn't give owen a piece of paper to make a card out of. so he sat down and started sticking the letters on his face. the room mom asked if it was ok to give him a piece to make something, and as she said it that's when he started sticking the stuff on his face. she said, "oh my...i guess...he...doesn't...need one! " it was quite funny. he also provided the entertainment for the entire class. what a ham!
mich and his creation. what a cutie...
ma, my oldest sister laura and me eating at mcalister's deli. lunch was ok, the company was perfect, however!
at Starbucks in downtown ft. worth:
being tourists...my sis, laura and my bil, jim:
enjoying hot chocolate and water :)
me. somebody fix that tooth already! ugh:
sundance square in downtown ft. worth. it was such a pretty day:
the tree on the square. no santa :( he must have been busy...
we opened presents a little early from aunt laura and uncle jim and gramma. mich helping o with his wings. now o won't have to wear the build-a-bear buzz lightyear wings anymore:
ok, now this is gross. at least they taste good! do you know what it is? the pit from a mango!!! wow! the brown pod was inside the furry pod...eeeeeewwww! it looked like some kind of alien creature! the worst part? it was caught in the disposal and we couldn't see it. we dug it out and were like wth is THAT!!!???
i saw these here and made them for ange and aimee...

frames for angie...same as the ones i made for aim, just different colors/style:

a clean pizza...whole wheat crust, grilled chicken (just sea salt and fresh pepper), green bells, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, scallions, italian seasoning, and a tiny bit of fresh parm cheese. the sauce is homemade tomato with a clove garlic, a tsp. olive oil, basil, diced toms and paste:
the Christmas Bunny:
otameal cookies for Santa and a very good friend of mine who looooves oatmeal cookies!!!
Christmas morning:
we got SNOW!!! in TX!!! it looks so pretty. it was a very wet snow and much different than NY snow, but it was pretty darn cool! and it was almost blizzard-like outside on Christmas eve. it was crazy!!!
i made us all get dressed in mid-present unwrapping in the a.m. it will most likely never snow like this again on Christmas day, so i figured what the hay?
snow in backyard:
me and momma on Christmas day at mike's sister's house:
that's about all for now. that pretty much sums up the last week. have a super Sunday!!!

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aimee said...

give ma a hug and kiss bye for me :(

Ki said...

WOW that's a whole mess of pics! All wonderful! Snow in Texas hey?? Too funny!

dawn said...

What a great Christmas! How are you doing?

aimee said...

my blog next plz!!!!