i miss blogging! my computer is still jacked (and running SUPER SLOW), nothing works on it. lousy keyboard, tiny monitor (but it's a free one--thanks to Aimsters...so i really can't complain about that) and non-functioning usb ports...that means no pics, no printer, no ipod...no nothing!!! and it stinks!

i want to post a pic, but it's going to have to be an older one. let's see...let me dig. can't be the halloween banner i made because i already gave it away without taking a picture of it. big dummy...thinking...can you hear it?

ok, i'm going to post something that i hope to get accomplished over the next few months. a master bedroom re-do. this will be the comforter set, with light blue walls. maybe. i may decide to paint the nightstand we have now (an ew-to-new), and that would have to go black. so...i may decide on this comforter instead and go 'green' (the only green i'll be going), along with black furniture and the blue walls still. i don't know. what do you think?

the new BASB challenge is up, so head on over there and check it out! you've got to see what you can win!!! i've been slacking in the BASB arena, but being without a puter that has picture/printing capabilities is seriously cramping my style.

i tried to make pumpkin soup last night. it was weird. i found a recipe online and modified it. it was one of those things where i had to keep tasting it to see what was up with it. it wasn't awful, but it just wasn't getting me like i thought it would. i'm hunting now for a pumpkin muffin recipe. hopefully that will turn out better.

not much going on here other than that. ssdd basically. working, running, cleaning, hanging out. that's what i do. i did rent g.i. joe from the red box so maybe i'll watch that in a bit. o-ster is napping. he was up like 4 times last night. wth? he's snotty today and is zonked on the couch right now.

hmmm...my scrap area is clean. maybe i'll go mess it up a bit.

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6 paper addicts say...:

jenjen said...

Your computer might be running slow but your blog is looking fabulous. I love your redesign. And speaking of redesigns, I love your master bedroom bedding. So pretty!


crafter said...

I loooove the green! Especially with black furniture!

Denise said...

Liz....Liz....Liz....I am so happy you are here. I wish I had a computer to give you, so you could check in every day and entertain me. Obviously nothing has changed. As you can tell, it is still all about me.

Alright...let's talk master bedroom re-do. I absolutely love the top combination. The aqua and brown is very eye appealing against the light blue walls. How about painting the night stand a dark brown? Would that work? Is the rest of your furniture black? If so, then I would paint the nightstand black, too. That would look fine with the brown and aqua, too. OK..I'm rambling as usual.

I have pumpkin bar recipes, if interested. They are delicious. Let me know and I will share.

OK...I think you have heard enough from me. LOL! :o)

Erika said...

I am totally in love with that first comforter set! Seriously. **sigh**

Sasha said...

Girl the bed room re-do is a must for us too .. I am so tired of looking at the same thing .. and mind you it is only a year old LOL . . I want new plushy plushy stuff .. cannot wait to see what you do

JAS said...

Go for the first selection. .. if your house is like mine -dogs kids husbands...you need a comforter than will hid dirt. i once at a solid comforter set-bad bad idea. i have learned to get some crazy color combos-as of now, i have brown, teal, creme and white stripe with some paisly. my hubby things it is girly-whatever.