Big Turkey and Joy (sort of an ew to new--#20)

i did the turkey trot with ange on thanksgiving morning. just now getting around to posting a pic. we were part of a record crowd--close to 12,000! wow! i didn't get any post race pics. my race didn't start until after ange's and so i didn't get to see her finish.

ange did the 5k and i did the 10k. i managed to cut 20 minutes off my time since i did my last 10k back in march of this year. i'm pretty excited about that!

i have a half marathon coming up in december. sometime this week or next i'm gonna have to do 8 or 10 miles. i might need help from my girls to feed me along the way. if i can do the 8, it's not much after that. i can pretty much run all day if i can do 8. as long as i have something to munch on.

anywho, i made this little number:

i originally saw it here at jen's fab-o website. check out her tutorial on the right hand column. she's got all kinds of goodies on her blog, so be sure to check her out. i used cardstock letters instead and, of course, i had to junk mine up a bit. ;)

it's kind of an ew to new but i didn't get an 'ew' picture. they were just some picture frames from goodwill; 25-cent and 50-cent little numbers. good deal. i used the new basic grey papers and painted the frames black. the letters are traced off my monitor and cut out (p.i.t.a.!) then i added some embellies.

i like looking at them. makes me happy.

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1 paper addicts say...:

aimee said...

makes me happy too...just don't know where to put them now...oh did i say thanks???