it's official...

i like hummus on just about everything these days.

that...and i want summer to be over. i want the heat to go away. i want mich back in school. he does nothing all day. it's sad. he's bored. i'm bored. owen is...well, owen is owen. he never seems to be bored. maybe we need to take lessons from him.

i'm stealing a pic from aimee's fb. i like it. she and angie came over this past weekend and we hung out on my back porch and were silly together. i made london broil on the grill and totally grossed out angie b/c i like my meat on the rare side. i swear she was green...and not in envy of my awesome grilling abilities :)

there's a new BASB challenge up! it's a good one. one we probably all need to do to incorporate all those 'things' we save into our scrapbooks. you know, the receipts, the brochures, the tags, etc...check it out!

i have nothing crafty to share b/c i've been slacking. no mojo i guess. this summer sked has me a wreck. i hope to have some new etsy stuff tomorrow. i hope. :) have a wonderful wednesday!

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3 paper addicts say...:

Zorina said...

Cute pic of you and your 2 girlfriends! Thanks for reminding me to check the BASB blog.

Anonymous said...

hey i like meat rare, too! invite me next time! :)

Greta said...


please send some heat this way. well, maybe not the whole Texas heat, just a little of it. I need some for my garden to grow some more.

rare meat = ewwwwww!