With my little gardeners. (boogers make good mulch)

I'm going to add in a Friday 5 here:

  1. i like how you can add and delete people at your whim on facebook.
  2. went to Rue 21 yesterday. Aimee said, "Oh, go...you need to get some new jeans. You can wear that stuff!" uh...yeah....I. AM. FREAKIN'. OLD!!!! what's with all the neon???
  3. i'm exactly one minute, 33 seconds away from my fastest Army 2-mile time (that was actually timed). that's something i NEVER thought i'd even come close to!
  4. i need a new pair of running shoes.
  5. big, huge pearl earrings...i like them. see? i am old :)
what's on your friday 5?

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7 paper addicts say...:

lauren said...

Hmmm... Friday 5???
1. read a whole book in one sitting yesterday when I was home from work sick: Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World - FANTASTIC read, BTW
2. have absolutely no plans for the weekend... happy sigh
3. work is picking up and my attitude is better (this is HUGE for me)
4. it's 91 degrees and rising... ack! it's been nice and cool recently
5. my aunt had a double masectomy yesterday and so far so good, recovering well...

Have a fantastic weekend!

Denise said...

We need to check into marketing boogers for mulch. I don't think it has been tried before. Your Target still has a gardening department. They removed ours weeks again. Minnesota and it's short summer. Dang. OH...most importantly...congrats on your timing. That is so awesome. I am so impressed that you run. Probably because I scoot...on my butt whenever possible.

vtpuggirl said...

Consuming mass quantities of organic veggies grown in your bogger mulch must be responsible for your speed! LOL

aimee said...


Rita said...

Congrats on your running accomplishment! I've never been a runner...I'm a treadmill sort of girl, lol, but I need a new pair of shoes too!

Lyn said...

I Targeted yesterday too!
Love the look of your blog btw...
What brand of running shoes do you wear? I used to be an Adidas girl but once I went Nike it was hard to go back. I know there are fancier brands out there but I stick with the swoosh heehee
Awesome you're almost at your fastest 2 mi time! Congrats!

Greta said...

high five on getting closer to your fastest 2-mile time! reading that almost made me want to get up and go for a run. almost.