more scrappin' and jungle jim

i did these last night:

yes, i bought my child a dog toy
today we spent the early part of the afternoon outside with the pool and the slip 'n' slide. we had snow cones, too. i need to get some pics of the boys with the snow cones. they are too cute and the little machine i got at wally on clearance is pretty darn cool.

last thursday we went to the library. jungle jim was there with all his critters. this man holds various world records for largest bugs, arachnids, etc. well, his critters hold the world records, i guess. not him. the boys loved it:

owen had the camera for a bit and was taking pics of strangers' feet. silly.

that's about all for today. my SC kit should be arriving soon (come on, brown man)...so hopefully i'll get some scrappin' done tonight. we are planning on going to mil's for dinner--steaks on the grill. yumm-o. then i have to head to wally to pick up some groceries. i didn't go shopping on sunday like i normally do. we actually had enough food to last us with the boys being gone all weekend. that being said, i might not get any scrappin' done with my new kit.

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3 paper addicts say...:

meganklauer said...

Love those layouts and the new toy one is so funny!!!

casey boyd said...

Love the layouts! Don't know how you kept the camera still when that snake was out...for me it would have been one of those wonky shots as the camera fell to the ground and snapped the photo:)

Rita said...

Great layouts! Really love the not suitable for children one, lol. Hope your kit is in hand...it's gorgeous!