in a funk...

yup. i either need to scrap or run away. i'm bored out of my skull! i wish we could go on vacation. the only thing i get excited about these days is going to the gym or to work. we are so boring at home. mike is exhausted from having to go to work early these days. construction on the interstate is causing him to have to leave an hour earlier, which would be great b/c he gets home an hour earlier. but...he's flippin' exhausted. and by the time he gets used to it, i imagine the construction will be done.

mich is bored out of his mind and wants to stay at his g-ma's. i don't mind that. she spoils him, but she does keep him in line. except that all he does when he comes home is whine about wanting to do something fun. i ask what's so fun about grammas. what do you do there all day? watch tv is his response. of course. we don't have any sort of cable or anything...so there's the answer. nice.

anywho. sneak night is tonight at sc. maybe i need to jump back into all that stuff. scrappin' sounds good, but i just don't have any motivation. i don't know why.

well, i know why...i just have lots of things going on in my head these days.

and if you would say a prayer for my little nephew. his name is Charlie. he's sick and they don't know what's wrong with him. they're on their way right now to an upstate hospital for further tests. he's not sickly, but he has some sort of weird thing going on.

i guess i need to quit whining and count my blessings.

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Mye said...

Hey Lady! Sorry to hear you're in a funk, it's like that sometimes. Though I do hope it passes quickly! Sending prayers out to little Charlie! Hang in there!!! (((hugs)))