one day behind...

but it looks as though i'll have the attic finished by this evening.i really had no idea that all that stuff was up there. well i did know, but i honestly can't believe it. i managed to get down about 12 totes full of crap, and then baby items, like strollers, large toys, 4 garbage bags full of clothes, etc. tomorrow is master closet then set up.

i sweat so gosh darn much up in that attic, i seriously need some gatorade. and a shower.

i just hope i can remember to get up early on thursday...and can make it through the day without going to the gym. that will suck. i am addicted to it.

not much going on around here. mike's boss's wife passed away (she's battled cancer for the last 20 years or so). he had to go to the funeral this morning. then a client canceled a meeting and they didn't bother to tell him. he drove about an hour to get to the meeting from work. so now he's home. in a suit. looking mighty cute ;)

and since i don't feel like i blogged if i don't post a pic, owen fell asleep next to mike on the bed on saturday night. what a cutie:

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4 paper addicts say...:

Houston said...

Awww, they are such angels when they're asleep aren't they?!

Good luck with your cleaning, I find it mighty inspiring... now I just need to act on that!

Kelly said...

What a cutie!! Good luck with the cleaning, sounds fun (not).
Hey Karen - can you email with your postal address, you won my little rak!
Thanks xxxx

Rita said...

Good luck with the cleaning and purging! I don't feel like I've blogged unless I post a picture either. What a cutie...love those sleeping pics!

Denise said...

Definitely a cutie! That photo is begging to be scrapped.